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Day 2 of My 24 Day Journey… The Ultimate Reset

“To get through the hardest journey, we need to only take one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping” – Unknown

Today marks Day Two of my 24 Day Journey. I am doing the 3 Day Refresh followed by the 21 Day Ultimate Reset!

This is my fourth time doing th 3 Day Refresh, and it doesn’t get any easier with time! It is tough, but it is only three days to get your body back on track and fights cravings! Every time I do the Refresh, I no long crave coffee! With the 3 Day Refesh, you are given a meal plan for the 3 days, which you can select different fruits and veggies from. You are also given the Fiber Sweep (a once a day drink), a high fiber, digestive drink and the Vanilla Refresh, a high protein, craving cutter shake (2 times a day), paired with the right fruits, veggies, and healthy fats you are going to get amazing results including, feeling less bloated and having less cravings, like coffee and sugar!

The Refresh also shows you timing of how you eat and waiting until you are actually hungry to chow down! Your body starts paying more attention to what you are feeding it with!

You can read about my first 3 Day Refresh, Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

The Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset is quite different. Not only is it longer, it is more time consuming and extensive! It basically sets your body back to factory settings! It has a structured meal plan to follow with recipes. You don’t workout, with the exception of light walking or yoga during the 21 days! I am actually really looking forward to this break! Plus having meal plans already pre-planned for your week, will also be nice!


The Ultimate Reset also comes with different supplements that I will be taking every day. There is Optimize, Alkalinize, and Detox. Each one has a different function and support that your body needs during the time of cleansing.

detox alkalinize BUR_TBB_Store_Detail_opti_03

The Opimize helps boost your metabolism and also helps reduce inflammation, this is taken three times a day at least a half hour before meals. Alkalinize helps neutralize the acid in your system, improving the overall pH balance, while supporting your body against bacteria, infection, and inflammation. This is taken daily with water. Detox promotes a healthy digestion and immune system (without having to be in the bathroom all day and night)!


ultimate reset team beachbody food

I was actually surprised when I looked at the menu for the reset! You get to eat a lot and meals are consistant. However, grocery shopping did take me awhile! I had to order somethings from Amazon (Thank God for Amazon!), because in rural North Dakota we don’t have seaweed sheets floating around! Yes, I will be making homemade sushi/seaweed rolls!

Here is an example of what I will be eating on Day 1!

Breakfast: 2 slices of Whole Grain Toast, 2 Eggs scrambled, and Steamed Spinach.

Lunch: A Microgreen salad with dressing

Snack: 1-2 Cups of Veggies with Cottage Cheese

Dinner: Baked Salmon Steamed Asperagus and Baby Potatoes

By week three, the Reset slowly cuts out carbs and meat protein. So, it definitely gets harder, but you still get to eat more than I thought!

The End Result

Before I start anything, I always like to have a WHY. A reason to stay committed, even when you are tempted to give up. My why is number one for my health. I am excited to see how this reset, really resets my system. My second, is for my eating habits. I like having an actualy planned menu so there is less chances of me running off course and cheating! I do better when I plan and have everything ready. Not that I eat terrible now, but I could do better! So for the next 22 days I will be eating my best, staying committed, no matter what, and hoping for great results!


The Reset end result is to be “testing” what foods effect you, like carbs for example. By slowing cutting out and re-introducing, you’ll know how your body reacts. I am also very excited for this portion (not just because I will be done!), but to see how my body reacts, as well as how my arthritis acts when I start re-introducing foods! It will be great to know what foods trigger my flare-ups!

Odds and Ends AND This and That

I’ll be doing weekly posts on my new Ultimate Journey! So stay tuned!

If you haven’t yet, find my page on Facebook, The Fit Farmer’s Wife, and give it a like! I have LOTS of new and exciting things coming up VERY soon and I can’t wait to announce!

My next Challenge Group is also coming up! Lunges for Labor Day: On August 24th, we will be starting a 21 Day Journey with the 21 Day Fix! Get ready for easy to follow recipes, meal plans, heart-pumping workouts, 24-7 accountability, one-on-one coaching, and of course, AMAZING results! Please contact me you are interested! I’d love to have you!

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Day 3 of The 3 Day Refresh

I have officially made it! Today is my last day of the 3 Day Refresh! I am so proud of myself (as you can probably tell!)! It definitely has not been easy. Especially yesterday.

Yesterday started out great. I had to work from home due to a swirling ground blizzard across the North Dakota prairie. I was able to get my PiYo: Upper Body in right away in the morning, and I also did 30 minutes of cardio on my elliptical. I had my Shakeology shakes and did everything on cue. However, I wasn’t feelin’ it last night. I was bloated, gassy, and starving. Not to mention I was craving EVERYTHING! Even things I don’t normally eat! I had already had my dinner of steamed veggies (this time I did carrots, zucchini, broccoli, and cauliflower) and my vanilla refresh shake, but I was dying. I drank more water to avoid crashing and burning on the end of Day 2. I went to bed early, and slept average.

Today, I am ever so glad that it is Day 3! Let me tell you, the chocolate Shakeology shakes are awesome, but the vanilla refresh, not so much. Instead of eating my fruit separately for lunch today, I blended it with 3/4 cup of raspberries. So we’ll see how that goes.

I am really looking forward to eating some protein again, like eggs and chicken. My cravings for junk food (or filth as my husband calls it), has been minimal, yesterday being the worst. I blame that for being at home all day and just wanting to snack because I can. And of course, Taylor made a pizza last night, while I had to drink my gritty, kinda nasty vanilla refresh shake. Ewww. I kept reminding myself that it will be worth it in the end.

Today, my cravings are better. Normally on Fridays, I would get a gas station cappuccino. Now, today, just the thought of coffee, or a sugary cappuccino makes me want to gag. That’s a good thing! The refresh is doing it’s job!

Tonight, I will probably do some time on my elliptical and the PiYo: Sweat. Tomorrow, is a rest day, but I might go back and review a couple PiYo workouts and do a little elliptical cardio. Also, tomorrow night, my parents want to take Taylor and I out for dinner at our little local café. I definitely plan on ordering a salad with no dressing, just so I don’t screw my system up again. All I know, is I am so excited that today is my last day! Wahoo! I made it!

A lot of people have been asking me where I got my steamers. The answer is: AMAZON!! I got a set for under $30. You can steam veggies with raw chicken or meat in, basically whatever you want! My meal last night was ready in about 4 minutes! It’s great for busy nights or at work! Plus, they are dishwasher safe and silicone! Love them! Here’s the link:


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Day 2 of The 3 Day Refresh

I have proudly and successfully accomplished Day 1 of the 3 Day Refresh by BeachBody! Today is Day 2! So far this morning, I have had my 8 ounces of water upon waking up, my Chocolate Shakeology + 1 fruit option (strawberries again this morning!). I also did my PiYo: Define Upper Body, and it really kicked my booty! It is almost mid-morning, and I have somewhat of a rumble in my tummy. Until lunch time, I am chugging water and soon it will be time for my Fiber Sweep mix.

Yesterday, I had my first Fiber Sweep. It is a packet or flax and chai seeds and a bunch of other fiber-y seeds and such. You mix it with 8 ounces of water and drink immediately, followed by a full glass of water. The taste isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. With that many seeds and vitamins, it is hard to mask the flavor, but it is lemon-y with a nutty/seed taste.

Lunch yesterday was my Vanilla Refresh shake, carrots, hummus, and cantaloupe. It was light and refreshing, but since it is well below zero here in North Dakota, I was craving something warm! By mid-afternoon, I was starving and couldn’t wait for my celery and natural peanut butter! When I got home, I did 10 minutes on my new elliptical (Oh yes, my wonderful husband got me an elliptical for Christmas, and I LOVE it! It is a two in one bike and elliptical, but I am more of an elliptical girl myself, so I haven’t tried out the bike part yet), I did my first real session of PiYo, Define: Lower Body. I had Taylor come in and check me out on some of the moves to make sure I had the proper form and was doing the downward dog splits somewhat correctly!

Dinner was long awaited and I got to have steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots with a little olive oil, red pepper flakes and salt. It was heavenly(as you can see it is the featured image!).

So far, I have noticed that the fruit and veggies that I do eat, taste SO much better! I notice more flavors in the hummus or natural peanut butter! I am loving that! I am not terribly sore from my PiYo workouts either. A little, but not terrible. I can still function and since I already have my upper body workout done, I might go back to last nights and re-do that workout again! My biggest thing is learning how to do the moves and doing them correctly and efficiently as the trainers on the DVD! I know it will take time, but I am working on it and it feels oh so good! Oh, and I am loving my new workout clothes from Forever 21! They have THE best activewear and for cheap too! I got about 4 new outfits to wear, and it helps keep me motivated knowing that I get to be cute and workout!


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Day One of 3 Day Refresh Cleanse

Well, today is my first day of the 3 Day Refresh (Cleanse) by BeachBody. Yes, my PiYo, 3 Day Refresh, and 21 Day Fix all finally came yesterday! And I was ever so happy to see them when I got home from work! (See my blog post on BeachBody/My New Year’s Resolution: https://thelifeofthefitfarmerswife.wordpress.com/2014/12/31/my-new-years-resolution-get-healthy-for-real/ )

Last night,  I did my first session of PiYo, which was basically a 40 minute informative session on form and a few basic moves. It was very helpful. Chalene Johnson, the instructor, is very motivating, encouraging and not mean at all! I am used to being yelled at through my T.V. by Jillian Michaels. There were a few moves I already knew from previous yoga/pilates experience. After, I felt very motivated and refreshed to start this new lifestyle!

Last night, I also prepared my food for today. I cut up fruit, veggies, and prepped for the next three days ahead. I started today off with 8 ounces of water right away when I woke up. I made my Chocolate Shakeology shake for breakfast before I left home, as well as my Vanilla Refresh shake for lunch. For breakfast you can have the Shakeology + 1 fruit option. I chose 12 strawberries. So far, I am still full. I am also almost done with my 24 ounces of water, then I will have my tea. Mid-morning, I will drink my Fiber Sweep (hoping it tastes better than it sounds). For my lunch I have my Vanilla Refresh Shake + 1 fruit option  (I chose one cup of cantaloupe) + 1 veggie option with a healthy fat (I chose carrots with hummus). You get an afternoon snack which is 1 veggie option + a healthy fat (I chose celery and natural peanut butter). For dinner, you have the other Vanilla Refresh shake + a dinner recipe (basically they are all veggie recipes). And you have the option of doing an evening tea. This is my schedule for the next three days, making Friday my last day. Saturday, I will start the 21 Day Fix meal plan, plus continuing with the PiYo workouts for a total of eight weeks.


So far today, I am doing great! I am not sore at all from learning the basic moves of PiYo. I have good energy. Someone brought banana bread to work today, but I am avoiding going into the break room at all costs, except to get more water. I am chugging water like an elephant and peeing A LOT! But, it’s all good right?! Tonight, is the Lower Body PiYo and I can’t wait!

Time to go make my tea!  Happy Hump Day! xo