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A Farmer’s Wife Harvest Prayer

Let’s face it. Harvest is either here or around the corner. We got done with our wheat a couple of weeks ago, and soybeans will be here before we know it. In the mean time, we have been busy getting hay home and getting the last bales of millet made.

It’s a cool Labor Day on the farm today, and cooler weather makes me think that harvest is only getting closer and closer. This season is busy, but it’s also my favorite because I know that the calm is quickly approaching! Before I married my farmer, I always loved summer. Don’t get me wrong, I still do, but fall and winter is where my heart is. It’s when the crazy comes and the slower season, and calving are getting closer! The end IS in sight, ladies! We also have more corn and soybeans compared to wheat, so our crazy is just getting started! {{Bring it on!}}

So with that, here is a prayer dedicated to all of us farm wives from losing our minds during this crazy, hectic season of life!

Photo credit:  Laura Schlenker. 

Dear Lord,

Please watch over us during harvest. During the busy. During the crazy. During the parts runs, the harvest food runs, and elevator runs. During the fast paced on the go unloading, and the slower than slow break downs. Grant us the weather conditions that allow us to get harvest done in a timely matter. Guide and protect all of us during this season.

Help my husband to be safe always. Give him reason and time to think and somehow, enjoy this busy season. Cover him in your grace and blessings. Allow him patience during the breakdowns, because we know they are enviable. Allow him quick reflexes and thoughts when he has to think on his feet. Allow him the love and strengththat he needs to function during this busy season.

Help our children to understand why dad is busy, can’t tuck them in at night, or can’t be home for dinner. Guide their little hearts and bless them. Help them to understand this season and grow up with an appreciation of the farm and knowing how hard their daddy worked to provide for us. Help them to remember and cherish this season, as a time to harvest.

Help me as a wife, Lord. Help me to stay strong. Give me the strength to pack the coolers, help with the homework, clean the house, do chaff filled, dirty laundry, prepare and think of easy harvest meals, and somehow allow my heart peace during this crazy time. Help me to find time for You and for me. Even though I go to bed a tired, and alone woman at night, I know You are there protecting our family. Watch over my husband during the late nights and early mornings, and grant us the rest we all need.

Most of all, thank you for the harvest season. We know it’s tiring and seems endless, but it is just a season. And with You, every season brings a time of hustle, crazy, tears, and also joy and blessing. We are so blessed for this harvest, for this season, for our family, our love, and for You. Please lead, guide and direct us, during this harvest season, and in Your perfect timing and love.




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